22 Aug 2010

Pan-seared halibut with heirloom tomatoes

by Marilyn Schlossbach

Serves 2

1 sustainable halibut filet
2 tomatoes
Meyer lemon
1 bunch of fresh bibb lettuce
1 wala wala onion
1 bunch of onion sprouts
Sea Glass Sauvignon Blanc or other white wine
1 purple pepper
1 eggplant
Thai Basil
1 clove of fresh black garlic (or regular garlic)

Rub filet with garlic and begin cooking at high heat in a cast iron skillet.  In a separate skillet saute onions. Chop onions, eggplant, and additonal vegetables. Add sliced tomatoes, lemons, and eggplant to the onions. Throw in a dash of white wine.

Pull seared fish from the skillet and place on a plate on top of bibb lettuce. Pour sauted vegetables over the fish. Top with a bunch of onion sprouts.