Welcome to Grow Indie! 

We are all about food independence, diy style. Whether you have a container garden in New York City, or a couple of acres in suburbia, our mission is to inspire and empower people to grow their own food, no matter where they live. Really, anyone can do it. 

Because here's a secret: Gardening doesn't have to be complicated.

You take some dirt and some seeds, and you make food. Making food means you don't have to go to the supermarket. By not going to the supermarket, you aren't contributing to the cycle of food transportation, fuel costs, pollution, and the absurd reality that those tomatoes you see in the store actually came from a country thousands of miles away.

There's also the taste factor----food that you grow tastes a lot better, because it wasn't sitting in a truck being driven across the country. And, by growing your own, you'll have access to culinary varieties that your regular supermarket doesn't even carry. 

You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from, and that it wasn't sprayed with heavy duty pesticides. Food is power, people, so its time to take matters into your own hands and start something. And we'll show you how.

Our Grow Guides give you all the basics for vegetable gardening 101, from watering and daylight needs to companion planting and pest control. For inspiration, you can follow along as our bloggers navigate three-season gardening, grow as much from seed as possible, and experiment with edible landscaping, row covers and cover crops. 

In our half acre Grow Indie Test Garden, we are researching and growing more than 300 varieties of vegetables from 8 different independently owned seed companies, to see which ones do best for the home gardener.

Grow Indie also features indie chef recipes that are searchable by vegetable, so when you have that bumper crop of zucchini, you know what to do with it. You can also share your garden photos, tips, and experiences by posting on our site. 

Happy growing!