16 Nov 2010

Haemul Pajun - Seafood Pancake

1/2 cup of chopped Tiger shrimp.
1 cup of chopped crabmeat cut long and thin
1/2 cup squid chopped.
1 cup of wheat flour pancake mix prepared.
1 whole egg
1 handful chopped mushrooms
1 handful grated carrots
1 handful chopped green onions
1 handful chopped bell pepper

Drizzle soybean oil into a hot skillet. Pour wheat flour and egg pancake mix into the pan, reduce to a simmer.  Add the strips of crabmeat first, this forms a strong base. Add the chopped Tiger shrimp and then the squid. Crack an egg and squeeze it with your hand on top of the pancake. Next add the bell pepper and green onion. 

Pour a bit more pancake mix to the pancake. Once the perimeter starts to brown, flip the pancake. You only flip it once. Try to do it like a pro and flip it with the skillet instead of a spatula! Allow the mixture to simmer for a few more minutes. 

Flip the pancake out of a pan onto a plate and slice into triangles. Garnish with grated carrot and parsley. Optional drizzle with a soybean oil and green onion mixture.

Now you're ready to enjoy!