Days to Harvest: 60 days for bush; 70 days for pole.

Light: Sunny.

Temperature: Warm season, 65° to 80° F

Companions:  Eggplant and summer savory.

Avoid Planting Near: Tomatoes, chili peppers, sunflowers, onions,  garlic, kale, cabbage and broccoli. 

Preparation: Pole beans need trellising for support. Trellises should be 6 to 8 feet tall and sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain

Planting:  Direct seed after danger of frost is past and when soil warms. Beans can rot in cold soil. Plant several crops of bush beans 2 to 3 weeks apart for continuous harvest. Pole beans generally bear over a longer period of time than bush beans.

Spacing: Bush snap beans, 4 inches apart, rows 2 feet apart. Pole snap beans, 6 inches apart, rows 3 feet apart.

Water: 1 inch a week.

Harvest: Pick beans daily to keep plants producing heavily.

Tips: Inoculating seeds with nitrogen-fixing bacteria may increase yields.