Days to Harvest: 45 to 80 days.  

Light: Sunny, but can tolerate partial shade in warm weather.  

Temperature: Cold Season, 60° to 65° F.  

Preparation: Direct seed. Can also sow seeds indoors about 6 weeks before last heavy frost and then transplant into garden in early spring.

Companions: Catnip, garlic, mint.

Avoid Planting Near: Pole beans.

Planting: Sow seeds every three weeks for continuous harvest. Stop in midsummer and then seed again in fall about 10 weeks before last frost.

Spacing: 2 to 3 inches between plants, 12 to 18 inches between rows.

Water: Moist. Do not allow soil to dry out.

Harvest: Can be harvested for greens or roots. Harvest leaves when they are the right size for salad or steamed greens, but do not harvest too many from each plant or root development will be stunted. Roots should be harvested, using a garden fork to lift them, when 2 – 3 inches in diameter. Larger, they become woody.

Tips: Crush beet seeds with a rolling pin to separate individual seeds and reduce the amount of thinning required.