Days to Harvest: 75 days.

Light: Sunny.

Temperature: Cold season, 60°to 65° F ideal.

Companions: Geraniums, dill, alliums and rosemary.

Avoid Planting Near: Mustards, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and pole/runner beans.

Preparation: For spring planting, use early varieties that mature rapidly but don’t store for a long time. Late varieties are best for summer planting. They form tight heads and store well.

Planting:  After transplanting, reduce weed competition and conserve moisture with mulch.

Spacing: 15 to 18 inches between plants, 30 to 36 inches between rows. Spacing affects head size. The closer they are planted, the smaller the heads.

Water: At least 1 inch water per week, and slow soak once a week better than several frequent waterings.

Harvest: When reaches adequate size, depending on variety and growing conditions. Firm heads preferred, especially for storage. Heads can be left on plant in garden for 2 weeks in summer or 3 to 4 weeks in fall.

Tips: Do not plant cabbage family crops in same spot year after year; rotate crops.