Days to Harvest: Head lettuce, 60 days; leaf lettuce, 30 days. 

Light: Sunny, but tolerates shade. In summer, prefers shade.

Temperature: Cold season, 60° to 70° F.

Companions: Radish, kohlrabi, beans, carrots.

Avoid Planting Near: Celery, cabbage, cress, parsley.

Preparation: Seeding indoors, in cold frames, or direct seeding gives gardener a variety of options.

 Planting:  Best planted in succession, every two weeks, varying varieties according to heat-resistance. 

Spacing: Head lettuce, 12 inches between plants, 2 feet between rows; leaf lettuce, 4 inches between plants, 15 inches between rows.

Water: Frequent, light watering.

Harvest: Leaf lettuce can be cut at 5 to 6 inches tall. Head lettuces can be harvested when they form a nice head.

Tips: Interplant long-season lettuces in summer with staked tomatoes, corn or pole beans that will shade lettuce during hottest part of day.