Hot Peppers

Days to Harvest:
100 to 120 days from seed, 70 to 80 days from transplant.

Light: Sunny.

 Temperature: Warm season, 70 ° to 75° F.

Companions: Basil and tomatoes.

Plants to Avoid: Beans, kale, collards, brussel sprouts.

Preparation: Start seeds 6 to 8 weeks before transplant date.

Planting:  Set out transplants after soil is thoroughly warmed. Mulch to conserve water and reduce weed competition.

Spacing: 15 inches between plants, 30 inches between rows.

Water: 1 inch a week.

Harvest: Hot peppers should ripen and change color on plant. Entire plants may be pulled and hung before heavy frost.

Tips: Cut rather than pull to avoid breaking branches.