DIY Recipe Card Holder

28 Dec 2010

As I was making some cookies and other things this year, and working with my minimal counter space, and accidentally putting recipe cards down in little wet spots and cursing under my breath the whole time and -- well, you get the picture -- I realized I could not live another day without a little stand for my recipe cards.

The problem is that the only ones I have ever seen are those little fake rolling pins with grooves in them and I think the design of them is not the greatest. I mean, the grooves are pretty shallow so that they don't obscure too much of the cards, right? And if you're like me, you need to see the bottom of the cards because whether it is due to poor planning or terrible handwriting, or both, most of my recipes are written all the way down to the bottom. But anyway, if the grooves are shallow enough to not hide too much card, then it wouldn't take much to knock the card right off the stand and then you're right back where you started.

So I took some things I had in the house and came up with a design that works for me quite nicely. All I used was a vintage glass flower frog, a piece of a wire coat hanger, and some clear-drying craft glue (not yet dry in these pictures).

The base is heavy enough to not tip or move and the wire is coiled in the front and back so the card is snugly slipped inside but still readable.


back view


The thing was so painfully easy to make it was almost ridiculous. Because it was so easy, I neglected to take pictures of the process and instead decided to put together this extremely high quality pictorial guide for you. Here goes...

You Will Need:

- wire hanger

- wire snips

- pliers (optional -- I didn't use any, but they would have made things much easier)

- clear drying glue, caulk or epoxy, depending on your desired level of permanence

- glass flower frog (or any other heavy object with a hole on top)

- small scrap of paper towel (or fabric)

- small piece of felt (optional) fig 1

• With a pair of heavy wire snips, make three cuts, as shown in {fig. 1}

• "Discard" scraps -- "discard" here in my house means "stash away for some other random project..."

• Next you want to turn your good piece upside down and do some bending {fig. 2} fig 2

• Your goal with the bending is to create two small circle-ish shapes out of the identical pieces coming off of the twisted part.

• Once your pieces are somewhat circle-y, you want to squeeze them together {fig. 3A} so they are lined up and tight together {fig. 3B} enough to, well, slide a recipe card in and hold it. (Think like a key ring)



fig 3

• Ta Da! Hard part over!

• Now you want to bend the little curved end up so the tip meets the tip of the twisted part {fig. 4A} fig 4

• And once you have it nice and curved, squeeze it together tight {fig. 4B}

• Now for the grand finale. Place a small bit of scrunched up paper towel or some other semi-absorbent object in the bottom of your frog's center hole (not pictured) This will keep the glue from running out the bottom.

• Place your modified hanger piece in the center hole of your frog at a slight angle. fig 5

• Carefully begin filling with your adhesive of choice. Make sure you have a piece of parchment paper (or other non-stick material) underneath in case of leakage. fig 6

• Wait for your creation to dry, unlike me. I was too excited and had to take the pictures while the glue was still wet and white.

• If desired, when your adhesive is completely dry, cut a small circle of felt to fit the bottom of your frog and glue it in place. That's it!

recipe card holder!!!

If anybody actually makes one of these, please, please let me know. I'd love to see what you end up with!