For the Birds

9 Jan 2011

Literally. :) A few days ago, the boys and I made some edible ornaments to hang on our now-outside Christmas tree.




the three kinds of ornaments


I'm planning on sharing the recipes and whatnot, but since there are three different kinds and plenty of photos, I've decided to split them into different posts. Trying to avoid making the longest post everrrrr. We decorated on Thursday and had light snow both Friday and Saturday.


and then it snowed!


I thought it looked even more lovely with the snowy branches. We decided to hang a few things in our Japanese Maple too.


snowy star

hanging with the chimes

snowy lard stuffed pinecone


They're in good company with our still vacant bird gourd.


snowy gourd house


And now I have to go off on a tangent only barely related to the rest of the post through snow. And even that's a stretch... So here's my ladder arbor, looking all pretty.


snowy arbor 

And here's where it gets off topic: You may see a tiny framed bed behind it all tucked under a blanket of snow. Last weekend we had unusually mild weather and I took advantage of it by spending almost the entire day outside. I rearranged some things on our tiny patio, moved some trellises around, and somehow got it in my head that I had to build a tiny raised bed where the grill used to be. So I grabbed some of the scrap wood my parents gave me and went at it.

new bed!


I moved the herbs into here from the main garden so they could have their own space and free up some room for other stuff in the big bed. And remember how I was planning on making a cold frame for the main bed? Well, I'm not doing that now. I have found that part of the yard gets no sunlight during the winter, so instead I am planning on building another bed at the back of the yard and putting a cold frame on that. But not until we have another thaw. Because right now it is like this.


Playing in the snow :)


I will most likely be posting once a day over the next few days so I can share the ornament recipes with you. They were really easy to make and a lot of fun. And the birds seem to be enjoying them.


birdies came!

Christmas tree.