Victory Garden Of Tomorrow
We caught up with founder Joe Wirtheim, a modern homestead printmaker, designer and artist, who started Victory Garden of Tomorrow to grow better gardens, better food, and better cities through handcrafted affordable art.

Tender Greens and the Sustainable Life Project
An urban garden offers a pathway to a better life for LA youth.

Test Garden Favorites
In 2010, the Grow Indie team grew, tested, and tasted more than 300 varieties from the top indie seed companies. Here were our favorites.

Meet Mrs. Pleasant
We recently caught up with Mrs. Pleasant, a Philadelphia-based vegetarian, vegan, and raw personal chef and got her to share her tasty recipe for Black Olive Hummus---yum!

The Conscious Cook: Chef Tal Ronnen
Chef and author Tal Ronnen shares his insights and recipes for plant powered, vegan meals.

Tips for Growing Great Garlic
The Grow Indie guide to growing great garlic, with tips from garlic guru Dan Sullivan.

Preserving the Future of Food with Heirlooms
Meet Jere Gettle of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, a modern-day pioneer leading the heirloom movement, with the mission to preserve our food supply and teach people about the sustainable nature and diversity of heirloom vegetables.

A Farm Grows in Brooklyn
Farmer Annie Novak, the co-founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, gushes excitedly about her penthouse view. This high-rise is no ordinary bit of open-air space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn—it’s a 6,000 square foot organic vegetable farm whose inhabitants are swiss chard, lemongrass and bok choy.

SimGar Test Drive: Can you Really Grow Food Anywhere? YES
A look at the SimGar™ Plus Container Garden

A Few of My (New) Favorite Things
Great gifts for gardeners, inspired by some of the most talented people I know.

First Look at Homesweet Homegrown!
So, the other day, a huge truck showed up with preview copies of my new book, Homesweet Homegrown. I almost passed out.

Grow Indie Holiday Gift Guide
Get your garden on with our top gifts for the holidays.

Taking on a 7 Day Juice Fast
Taking on a 7 Day Juice Fast. Brought to you by 877MYJUICER.

Win a Healthy Juicer Electric Juicer!
Win a Healthy Juicer Electric Juicer!

Nasturtium Capers!
Got nasturtiums? Then you can make your own capers!

Pumpkin Butter!
Trying out some organic, raw pumpkin seed butter. Two thumbs up!

DIY Chocolates
A delicious and healthy kit for making your own chocolates!

potato practice progress
Proof that you can grow a potato plant indoors!

Snow and Ice
A few pictures around the yard from the most recent snow and ice storms.

indoor potato practice
Here's my attempt at growing potatoes indoors using a repurposed kitty litter container.

Testing Out the Yolife Yogurt Maker
Blogger Amber Reddinger tests out the Yolife Yogurt Maker and falls in love.

DIY Birdseed Ornaments
Make your own molded birdseed ornaments for your backyard friends!

Baker Creek Seed Giveaway!
Win a whole garden's worth of Baker Creek Heirloom seeds that can be saved year after year.

Winter: A Time to Make Stuff
Winter is a time of rest, and a time for projects!

Growing your Own Cat Grass
Your kitty cats will love you for it!

Waste Management
Building a DIY pet waste composter.

Time to Get your Coldframe On
A coldframe is a great way to extend the season, and enjoy greens, radishes, and cold-weather crops well into winter.

Heirloom garlic planting
Back in September, I planted 110 cloves of heirloom garlic. Whoah.

welcome to dirtology!
dirtology: a journal of a man and his dirt

Farm Shin Dig at Eckerton Hill Farm
Heirloom tomato farmer and author Tim Stark hosted his annual farm party/pig roast, drawing foodies local and far to enjoy good eats straight from the farm.

Trash Picked Ladder Project
A neighbor's discarded ladder became an adorable plant stand and trellis!

BPA-Free Ways to Can This Year's Harvest
Traditional canning jar lids have traces of harmful BPA, which kind of defeats the purpose don't ya think? Here are some BPA-free ways to can your harvest this year.

Blackberry Rhubarb Crisp
An improvised crisp that turned out to be a new favorite.

Even the Compost Has a House
Building an enclosed structure for my compost pile got a little out of hand. :)

All Sorts of Garden-y Stuff!
Lots of pictures from around my yard.

My Raised Bed Project
Building an easy raised garden bed.

Mulch: Stick it to those weeds!
Forget black plastic, there are simple, cheap or free organic mulches you can use that will dramatically make things easier.

New Life for an Old Wooden Ladder
Blogger Amber Reddinger raids the neighbors' trash and turns a broken ladder into a backyard arbor.

Review: The Soyabella
We tested out the Soyabella in our quest for making our own soy/nut/almond milk. Turns out, it's super easy!