1 Feb 2011

potato practice progress

by Lou Altamura

My indoor potato growing experiment is nearly a month old now, and there has been huge progress.

Today, this young plant stands in at 7 inches tall. There has been quite a growth spurt in the past week or two, probably because the stem is getting closer to the fluorescent lamp.

nice root growth, but not good for edible potatoes

I was hoping to waiting until it was a little taller and more leafy before I started adding more soil, but I noticed that roots were starting to poke out of the soil. I've been reading that this sort of thing can lead to green potatoes, so I decided to take action.

please do not allow children to play in your potato planter

I dumped about 2-3 more inches of soil into the container, which covered up the roots nicely and still left about 5 inches of foilage above the soil line. There really wasn't much in terms of leaves at points on the stem lower than this, so I don't think that this should stress the plant much.

Now that this is working out so well, I am thinking about starting a second kitty litter box planter. Two of these might give me few pounds of potatoes well before any of my outdoor crop will be even close to harvesting.


About the author:

Lou Altamura is a dirtologist in western Maryland, where he grows fruits and vegetables for his family, friends, and most of all ... for fun! He is the author of the blog "dirtology: a journal of a man and his dirt."