16 Nov 2010

welcome to dirtology!

by Lou Altamura

This will come as news to my regular blog readers, but I have been invited to share my dirtology posts on the website Grow Indie. Needless to say, I am pretty excited to now be a contributor to a real gardening website. This blog started out merely as a way for me to keep a record of my gardens and to send my mom pictures of the veggies that I had waiting for her. Who knew that people would find this blog a useful resource and were actually interested in reading what I had to say? To all of you that have been reading for the past year or so, thanks for your support!

Now, to my new readers on the Grow Indie site, I should probably provide a little introduction. My wife and I live in Keedysville, MD (hardiness zone 6B) on about a half acre of rocky clay. I have about 250 square feet of garden space, most of which is in the form of raised beds given the poor soil quality of our lot. We've only lived in our current home for about 2 years, and so the gardens are still maturing. Neverthless, I've had a lot of success thus far and I'm definitely growing enough vegetables to share with friends and neighbors. This year, we've also started learning to preserve our harvest by canning, making jellies, and bottling sauces. I'm definitely not 100% organic (especially when insects are devouring my crops), but I do my best and I'm always trying to find earth-friendly gardening practices. I especially like inventing ways to repurpose broken or discarded items in the gardens - they're free and less trash helps protect our environment. Although recently I have found myself wishing that I had pursued a career in agriculture, I spend the better part of my days working as a research scientist. I hope you all enjoy my blog, and I invite you all to find a little piece of earth and become a dirtologist yourself!


just some of this year's pepper harvest

About the author:

Lou Altamura is a dirtologist in western Maryland, where he grows fruits and vegetables for his family, friends, and most of all ... for fun! He is the author of the blog "dirtology: a journal of a man and his dirt."