1 Feb 2012

First Look at Homesweet Homegrown!

by Robyn Jasko

So, the other day, a huge truck showed up with preview copies of my new book Homesweet Homegrown. I almost passed out.

See, I’ve always wanted to write a book, and when Microcosm (a pretty cool indie book publisher) came along, I jumped at the chance. And now, after a year,  it’s actually here!

It will be in bookstores across the country May 1, but here's a sneak peak:

Growing food or starting a garden doesn’t have to be complicated, and in true Grow Indie style, I tried to make it as easy as possible with Homesweet Homegrown. There are eight chapters---Know, Start, Grow, Plant, Plan, Make, Eat, and Store--that cover everything you need to know, from seed starting to canning.


Oh, and check out the cute illustrations by the amazing Jennifer Biggs. She did more than 100 drawings for HSHG, and I love them all.

This handy little guide is packed with tons of useful info, from interplanting and companion planting guides to recipes, storage tips, DIY projects, and grow guides for 25 vegetables.  I also included tons of recipes for cooking, storing, pickling and canning, so you can stock up for the zombie apocalypse, or make homegrown gifts for friends (if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen first).

I also cover easy ways to start a garden (including three no-dig methods!) that can work anywhere, so there’s no excuse!

So yeah, we are pretty excited. Jenn and I will be doing an epic Amtrak HSHG Book Tour this May, heading across the country to promote the launch of the book. So, if you live in Seattle, Portland, LA, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Philly, Baltimore, or Washington, we will be stopping by!


About the author:

Robyn Jasko started Grow Indie in 2009, to empower people with the tools, know-how and gusto to try growing their own food, while being as resourceful as possible.

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