24 Jul 2010

All Sorts of Garden-y Stuff!

by Amber Reddinger

So I'll dive right into the pictures then, shall I?

First thing, some lilies that had been planted before we moved in lilies started blooming a few weeks ago and I discovered that they are ORANGE!

The blueberries produced a few berries each which promptly got devoured by birds:

a blue blueberry!

The butterfly bush was blooming along nicely before the heat wave:


The raspberries on June 5th:

raspberries 6-5

And on the 16th:


The blackberries on the 5th:

blackberries 6-5

And on the 16th:

getting there

The garden on May 18th:


And a month later:


In other news, the tomatoes had started to develop powdery mildew. I knew they were too close together and then the weather was just "perfect" for encouraging that crap, so I decided to move them out of the raised bed. They now live at the end of the yard where they will have plenty of room to spread out. (A few weeks after the fact: the tomatoes have fully recovered, are currently mildew free and are bearing tons of fruit!)

Now that I had space in the bed (and after some issues with a groundhog back by the shed) I decided to move the rest of the herbs up where the tomatoes were:

all the herbs together

It makes much more sense for them to all be together anyway, and right off the kitchen steps too.

But back to the lilies... A friend of mine from Wisconsin saw the photo of the orange lily and said she had some almost identical to that AND that she was in the process of thinning them AND did I want some? So a box arrived chock full of lilies and some pink spiderwort as a bonus. :)

well traveled

They have all since been planted -- spiderwort in the flowerbed, lilies along the fence behind the yard to pretty it up a bit back there. I also moved some of mine and really filled it in, so next year should be amazing!

Also, a small garden-related (sort of) project:

front of sachet

back of sachet

I knitted the front side of the heart and needled felted an apple tree onto it. The stuffing is actually a few layers of quilt batting scraps with dried lavender that I grew at our old house inside. The back is a scrap of a vintage cutter quilt.

Last thing. My four year old, Ethan, has been collecting seeds and beans and I found these lined up on the dining room window one day. It made me smile.

beans on the windowsill

About the author:

I love working with my hands and helping things grow. :)