18 Mar 2011

Testing Out: Wilderness Poets Organic, Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter

by Amber Reddinger

I am a pumpkin addict. I love everything about them: the look, the taste, the smell -- everything. For snacking, I especially love pumpkin seeds in all their incarnations, so I was beyond thrilled to be able to sample a jar of Wilderness Poets Organic, Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter.

Upon opening for the first time, you will see a firmly packed jar of delicious ground raw pumpkin seeds under a layer of rich, dark pumpkin seed oil. Stir that puppy real good and this is what you get:


Pumpkin seeds are amazing in so many ways, and rather than blather on about them, I'll let you see what Wilderness Poets has to say about them.



nutrition facts

Here's a closer look at the texture.


I was so excited to taste it on so many things, but for my first experience, I decided to stick a generous spoonful in my mouth all on its own. It was delicious, but what I expected to be a moist, smooth nut-buttery-esque treat quickly proved to instead be a food which seemed eager to absorb all of the available moisture in my mouth and became rather difficult to swallow. Not to say it didn't taste good. Just a heads up before you dig in like I did. ;)

For me personally, I found the most enjoyable way to eat this was by pairing it with a "wet" food, to balance out the texture and moisture-hungriness of the butter itself. Carrots were a perfect match.

with carrot

I wasn't too sure about it on bread, but I drizzled some local honey on top and fell in love.

on bread

The most exciting use for me was when I added it (along with some yellow curry powder, ground ginger, locally blended garlic sea salt, and vegetable broth) to some Arborio rice and made the most delicious risotto I think I've ever eaten.

All in all, I really enjoyed this and would definitely use it again, and I am eager to try some of their other products as well!

About the author:

I love working with my hands and helping things grow. :)