6 Sep 2010

BPA-Free Ways to Can This Year's Harvest

by Robyn Jasko

I have to admit I was kind of shocked when I learned that traditional canning lids have BPA in them. You know, that industrial chemical also known Bisphenol A, which has been linked to reproductive problems, cancer, and malformations.  Yeah, that kind of nasty stuff. It just seems counterintuitive to spend so much time canning your organic vegetables to put a bunch of poison on the shelves. 

So, I looked for an alternative to the traditional Ball mason jars you get at the grocery store. Sure, they cost a little bit more, but how much would a malformation cost you? Plus these BPA-free canning methods don't even use disposable lids, so there is nothing to throw away, and your jars are completely sustainable. Oh, and did I mention how super cute they are? 

Check out these fancy Weck jars:


















They work just like regular canning jars except you have clips to keep the glass top on. So, no BPA or lid to throw away! And, at about $3 each, they aren't terribly expensive, considering you can reuse them for 10 years or so. 

But, what if you have alot of Mason jars already? Tattler offers these great, rubber-ring-sealed lids that are reusable for a lifetime and work with traditional Mason jars:

These are really easy to use, and I love that they are made in the US. 

Happy canning everyone!

About the author:

Robyn Jasko started Grow Indie in 2009, to empower people with the tools, know-how and gusto to try growing their own food, while being as resourceful as possible.

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