18 Oct 2010

Farm Shin Dig at Eckerton Hill Farm

by Robyn Jasko

This past weekend, we attended Eckerton Hill Farm's annual Pig Roast, drawing foodies local and far as NY chefs came out to Tim Stark's in Lenhartsville, PA to serve up food right from the farm. It was a great mixture of people, cultures and food as the New York food scene mingled with locals, Mennonites and Mexicans, bringing together everything that makes Berks County the land of plenty. 

Out in the field

Serving up Hominy soup by the cauldron. I had the hardest time saying no to this, not because it had a pig's head in it and I'm vegetarian, but because this guy serving it up was so happy to offer it, and proud of this soup. Everyone said it was amazing. 

Outdoor carving station/kitchen for the pig.

Mennonite Farmer James Weaver (who grows more than 500 types of heirloom peppers every year) and family also stopped by.

There were these happy goats... (much luckier than the pig)

And, these beautiful canning jars by Forager/Apprentice Annie Myer (who has the enlightening blog Thoughts on the Table).

There was also, tons of heirloom squash! Farm Manager Wayne Miller, another stellar farm/foodie/blogger of ThickMoonRoughGoat hooked us up with one of these to take home (I picked a nice red hubbard).

The night ended with a couple of nice tunes by The Wallace Brothers as the sun was going down.

It was a bittersweet day since this annual shin dig always marks the end of the season. But for this day, right now, frost was still just a threat, and everything was still green for another day. 


About the author:

Robyn Jasko started Grow Indie in 2009, to empower people with the tools, know-how and gusto to try growing their own food, while being as resourceful as possible.

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