17 Jun 2014

SimGar Test Drive: Can you Really Grow Food Anywhere? YES

by Robyn Jasko

Now, I may be a garden author, blogger, and modern homesteader extraordinaire, but I have a secret---I’m pretty terrible at container gardening. My past container gardens, houseplants and even potted flowers were usually ill-fated from the start.  They would dry out, or bake in the sun, or just be neglected (sorry plants!)

But, for the first time ever, that has changed. Enter the Simgar----a new container garden system that makes it super easy to grow food anywhere,  even for folks like me. Short for The Simple Garden, the Simgar really does live up to it’s name. Since I planted my Simgar 3 weeks ago, in this video here [link to video], I’ve given it zero attention—no additional water, no fertilizer, no weeding, nothing. And here’s how it’s looking these days:

Crazy, right?  You can see that the plants have doubled in size, and the tomato plant has a ton of flowers on it already. The peppers are getting huge, and the flowers and basil immediately started filling in and branching out.

What’s really unique about the Simgar is the solar powered Lifeflow technology, which keeps a steady stream of water circulating throughout the bottom of the container, pulling from the 32 gallon water reserve. So, no stagnant water, or moldy roots. There is also a small window where you can add more water or nutrients----although you can see how happy the plants were without doing anything at all (I can only imagine how big they’d be with added fertilizer!)  The solar panel on the Simgar also means that you can put your garden anywhere---no need to be near an electrical outlet for the pump to work.  

I was also impressed with just how much you could fit in one Simgar. We were able to fit  4 pepper plants, a tomato plant, two basil plants, two nasturtiums, four marigolds, and a thyme plant. The large size and deep containers means that you can grow almost anything---and can easily grow enough food to make a good dent in your grocery bills. There really is nothing better than stepping outside your door to pick fresh basil or lettuce to go with dinner, and now this is possible for just about anyone.


But, what if you live in a space that only gets part sun? The Simgar also has wheels which makes it easy to move to different parts of the yard or patio.


So, after giving the Simgag a full test run, I have to say that the Simgar is an exciting step for food independence----unlike most container gardens that promise to self water, the Simgar delivers, and makes it super simple to grow food anywhere---apartments, patios, or even inside if you put the Simgar under a light. I highly recommend it!

About the author:

Robyn Jasko started Grow Indie in 2009, to empower people with the tools, know-how and gusto to try growing their own food, while being as resourceful as possible.

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