28 Dec 2010

Winter: A Time to Make Stuff

by Robyn Jasko

I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I mean, I love the break that it forces on us, the quiet, and the Persephone-like reminder of the seasons, but it also drives me a little bit crazy too. I know it's a time to hibernate, drink whisky by the fire and enjoy the solstice with friends---and I've done all of that. And, now I'm ready to start making stuff and experimenting. (Garlic in a coldframe? Sure! Why not?!) One year, I even made a christmas tree out of all recycled parts. This year, I have a few projects up my sleeve (and one exciting one I can't talk about, just yet). If you are jonesing like I am, here are a few ideas to try---I'll let you know how they turn out:


1. Fermenting Stuff!

Fermentation Station: Water Kefir, Kombucha, and

"Zippy" Apple Cider doing their thing

I received one of those glass dispenser jugs for Christmas this year (probably because we are known for our sangria here at Grow Indie headquarters) and gleefully exclaimed "Kombucha, continuous brew!" What is that you say? Why a delicious fermented tea that you can either buy $4 dollars for a tiny bottle, or just make it at home with one of these nifty containers. Yes, it involves a mushroom (otherwise known as SCOBY) and freaks people out, but I like having an ongoing science experiment in my office. Plus, it gets all fizzy and is a good-for-you probiotic. I also am getting my water kefir going to see what works best. Oh, and just for fun, I'm trying it out with some apple cider to make some zippy (aka, hard) cider for New Year's. Check out Marilyn the Kefir Lady if you want to get more info/get some grains or SCOBYs. 


2. Making Terrariums

I love making cute little terrariums when it's all gray outside. Plus, it gives me a good reason to go moss-hunting. You can make your own little world, like some Twilight Zone episode or something....

3. Sprouting!

Time to get your sprout on----I'm trying out this old school sprouter which is supposed to be better/easier than the jar soak method. 

Will keep you posted how things progress!

About the author:

Robyn Jasko started Grow Indie in 2009, to empower people with the tools, know-how and gusto to try growing their own food, while being as resourceful as possible.

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