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Dine Indie -
Think Global, Dine Local

Find everything from taco trucks to the best French restaurants on Dine Indie. Our philosophy is that the human element is essential to the dining experience and eating is a key part of life—sometimes even an adventure! Whether it’s a lunchtime wrap or a lavish meal, food just tastes better when you get it from someone with a stake in its preparation. Special green icons point out places who use local ingredients and offer vegetarian menu choices.

Grow Indie - Start Something

With a focus on organic, heirloom, and GMO-free growing, Grow Indie offers tips, reviews, growing guides and snapshots from the epicurean world of local food, starting in your own backyard or rooftop.

Travel Indie - Take the Scenic Route

After dining at a great indie restaurant...where to go now? Travel Indie shows you the best off the beaten path places to visit. Shops, museums, hiking trails, movie theaters, secret hideaways, and more!

Side Dish - What's Stirring in Indie Pop Culture

Exciting interviews, recipes, and videos from chefs, authors, filmmakers, and others from the indie scene. Side Dish now features a new column called Origins where you can find out where and how everyday products are made.

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