Hugo Naturals Body Polish
21800 Nordhoff Street Chatsworth CA 91311

Aww yea! Let's give it up. We have got our first guest reviewer. I would have to say that she has got some good taste. My Momma! I gave her some goodies to try out. One of those was a product by Hugo Natural's, called Kumquat Brown Sugar Body Polish. Impressive is the fact that this product is vegan friendly and gluten free. I thought that was cool since it isn't even meant for eating. Anyway, here is the opinion from my Mother! Hugo Naturals Brown sugar body polish I love exfoliates! so I was thrilled to try a new one that said it was gluten-free (though I hadn't planned to eat it), but it said it would rejuvenate me. The Kumquat flavor smells delicious. But when I went to use it, I had to dig through a puddle of oil to try to scoop up some body polish. The texture was so dense that it was difficult to grab onto a glob of it so I had to scoop with my fingernail...which was not great on my manicure. But the smell was alluring and I persevered. Now two days later, I am itchy and covered in a rash and I am scooping my new body polish into my trashcan. Ouch! Well, what can you do?! That is the honest opinion from my Mom. Also, I just tried the product with my girlfriend. She said that it left her skin feeling oily at firs, but now it is soft. She is going to try it again and we will keep you posted. But, so far it seems the girls weren't too happy with it, and I thought it tasted good. Still feel free to visit their website and give their products a try too!