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I am an avid crafter who is always trying new things and always has a handful of projects on the go. I love gardening -- both for food and for aesthetics -- and I spend a lot of time outside. I also enjoy cooking and baking; especially with local ingredients! And finally, I love to repurpose discarded and/or broken household items. Many of the larger end results end up in my garden. :) My blog:
18 Mar 2011
Pumpkin Butter!
Trying out some organic, raw pumpkin seed butter. Two thumbs up!

15 Feb 2011
DIY Chocolates
A delicious and healthy kit for making your own chocolates!

25 Jan 2011
Snow and Ice
A few pictures around the yard from the most recent snow and ice storms.

16 Jan 2011
Testing Out the Yolife Yogurt Maker
Blogger Amber Reddinger tests out the Yolife Yogurt Maker and falls in love.

11 Jan 2011
DIY Birdseed Ornaments
Make your own molded birdseed ornaments for your backyard friends!

09 Jan 2011
For the Birds
Get ready to start a new winter tradition. Fun for the family (or anyone!) and food for the birds. Blogger Amber Reddinger explains.

28 Dec 2010
DIY: Recipe Card Holder
Make a cute and quirky recipe card holder out of household objects.

20 Nov 2010
Chile Pepper Festival!
Come see the 15th Annual Chile Pepper Festival in Bowers, PA!

15 Sep 2010
Trash Picked Ladder Project
A neighbor's discarded ladder became an adorable plant stand and trellis!

03 Aug 2010
Blackberry Rhubarb Crisp
An improvised crisp that turned out to be a new favorite.

29 Jul 2010
Even the Compost Has a House
Building an enclosed structure for my compost pile got a little out of hand. :)

24 Jul 2010
All Sorts of Garden-y Stuff!
Lots of pictures from around my yard.

21 Jul 2010
My Raised Bed Project
Building an easy raised garden bed.

07 Jul 2010
New Life for an Old Wooden Ladder
Blogger Amber Reddinger raids the neighbors' trash and turns a broken ladder into a backyard arbor.