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Colby Wallace was born and raised outside Philadelphia, in the town of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. His interest in music led him to Kutztown University, where he received his bachelors degree in music performance. Upon graduation, Colby moved to Centerville, TN, which was alot further to Nashville then he had thought. After spending most of the Summer in the swimming holes, and learning to play authentic country music at The Ron-Dee-Voo Bar 3 nights a week, Colby ran out of money and returned to Kutztown, where he slept in an old neighbors attic, basement, and at times living room. This was around the time that Colby was beginning to play more and more music on a professional basis. The constant travelling and compllimentary meals from the different venues he has played, has exposed Colby to all sorts of different ethnic foods, neighborhoods, and ways of life. Colby has driven to 45 states in the continental United States. He prefers the run down to the done up and believes the experience is always a little better when you are a little unsure of what you are getting yourself into. You can hear Colby and his band, The Wallace Brothers Band, at
18 Dec 2011
Hugo Naturals Body Polish
Aww yea! Let's give it up. We have got our first guest reviewer. I would have to say that she has got some good taste. My Momma! I gave her some goodies to try out. One of those was a product by Hugo Natural's, called Kumquat Brown Sugar Body Polish

04 Aug 2011
Random Bike Hike Around 737 in Kutztown
The two-wheeled adventures of Colby Wallace.

07 Jul 2011
A Stranger in a Strange Land: My Trip to Israel
Musician/Artist Colby Wallace shares his experience visiting Israel as part of the Taglit-Birthright program

04 Apr 2011
Lizzy The Menonite- Year Round Yard Sale Department Store
Uncover stuff, and more stuff underneath that!

04 Feb 2011
So, You Buy Organic & The Philadelphia Regional Produce Market
So, you go to the expensinve hippie stores and pay top dollar for organic, if it is not direct from the farmer, did you ever think it comes from the same place Joey, the guy on the corner selling apples, gets his produce from???Hmmm, interesting.....

14 Jan 2011
Nashville, TN- Honky Tonk Heaven!
It is just too easy to have fun in Nashville!

23 Dec 2010
John and Peter's- The New Hope Institution
Located in the heart of New Hope, PA, John and Peter's is the local institution for all artists and folks passing through.

18 Oct 2010
John and Peter's Renaissance Drag Show Booty Shaking Contest
This was a performance at one of our favorite places to play, John and Peter's, in New Hope, PA. New Hope has a very large gay and lesbian population, so they had their own twist on the traditional Rennesaince Faire.