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No one knows more about stuff then the King of Stuff. Sure, many people claim to know a thing or two about chachkis and bric a brac, but the King of Stuff always reigns supreme! Infact, JD Power & Associates has named the King of Stuff tops in his class, year after year. Date bars, socks, carrot sticks, micro distilled vodka, chips, tents, and of course, TOASTERS are all products which the King of Stuff innately understands. According to a close friend, "Yeh, I've seen the King of Stuff when the Fed Ex truck arrives, he moves the boxes around like a pro, all the while taking notes and carefully examining each new INDIE product." There's always those products which seem to be from Mom & Pops but are really made by some giant conglomerate like Kraft or General Mills. For these poor folks, the King pulls out a wide black sharpie and scrawls "Return to Sender" on the box!
18 Dec 2011
The King of Stuff Holiday Reviews
The boxes started pouring in. It was actually overwhelming. This was part of my new job...