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I went to high school, then I went to college. Naturally, I discovered what I like to do after all that was over. Now I am a certified computer hardware nerd and I also masquerade as a coffee geek at Uptown Espresso. I am an ardent fan of Trying Things To See What Happens.
25 Dec 2010
Tree Hugging: Visit the Sacred Oak in Oley, PA!
The Sacred Oak in Oley, Pennsylvania!

15 Dec 2010
Keep Kutztown Weird: Shirts @ Uptown Espresso!
Kutztown is a state of mind. Easy Subculture's "Keep Kutztown Weird" shirts are the perfect holiday gift for anyone who shares this view.

14 Dec 2010
Watercress, Carrot, & Radish Salad
Carrots, Daikon Radish, and Watercress with a Sesame Orange Sauce.