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Robyn Jasko started Grow Indie in 2009, to empower people with the tools, know-how and gusto to try growing their own food, while being as resourceful as possible. For the past decade, she has written for several national and international magazines and websites, writing about sustainable living, gardening and travel destinations, on and off the beaten path.
17 Jun 2014
SimGar Test Drive: Can you Really Grow Food Anywhere? YES
A look at the SimGarâ„¢ Plus Container Garden

16 Sep 2012
Robyn Jasko on Save the Kales
Check out Robyn on Jaime K's Save The Kales!

10 Jul 2012
Beet Tacos
forget the meat---try the beet!

07 Mar 2012
A Few of My (New) Favorite Things
Great gifts for gardeners, inspired by some of the most talented people I know.

01 Feb 2012
First Look at Homesweet Homegrown!
So, the other day, a huge truck showed up with preview copies of my new book, Homesweet Homegrown. I almost passed out.

16 Jan 2012
Victory Garden Of Tomorrow
We caught up with founder Joe Wirtheim, a modern homestead printmaker, designer and artist, who started Victory Garden of Tomorrow to grow better gardens, better food, and better cities through handcrafted affordable art.

17 Dec 2011
Grow Indie Holiday Gift Guide
Get your garden on with our top gifts for the holidays.

21 Oct 2011
Nasturtium Capers!
Got nasturtiums? Then you can make your own capers!

11 Apr 2011
Test Garden Favorites
In 2010, the Grow Indie team grew, tested, and tasted more than 300 varieties from the top indie seed companies. Here were our favorites.

10 Apr 2011
Pumpkin Gnocci
Impress your dinner guests with homemade pumpkin gnocci from your own pumpkins (and don't tell them it was super easy to make)

13 Feb 2011
Meet Mrs. Pleasant
We recently caught up with Mrs. Pleasant, a Philadelphia-based vegetarian, vegan, and raw personal chef and got her to share her tasty recipe for Black Olive Hummus---yum!

13 Feb 2011
Orange Crush Habanero Sauce
Make your own habanero hot sauce without macing your house by using this simple blender trick.

09 Jan 2011
Baker Creek Seed Giveaway!
Win a whole garden's worth of Baker Creek Heirloom seeds that can be saved year after year.

28 Dec 2010
Winter: A Time to Make Stuff
Winter is a time of rest, and a time for projects!

11 Dec 2010
Growing your Own Cat Grass
Kitty cats love it!

11 Dec 2010
Growing your Own Cat Grass
Your kitty cats will love you for it!

20 Nov 2010
Time to Get your Coldframe On
A coldframe is a great way to extend the season, and enjoy greens, radishes, and cold-weather crops well into winter.

19 Nov 2010
The Conscious Cook: Chef Tal Ronnen
Chef and author Tal Ronnen shares his insights and recipes for plant powered, vegan meals.

28 Oct 2010
Fancy Schmancy Green Tomato Olives
Another great way to use up all of those green cherry tomatoes. And, perfect for martinis!