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Rebecca is an accountant, musician, gourmet chef, wife and mother. She has traveled across the US, Europe, Mexico, Canada, South America, Africa and Australia and enjoys a wide variety of cultures, foods and drinks.
24 Jan 2011
Brussels - The Architecture
The beauty of Brussels is in it's buildings.

14 Jan 2011
Brussels Central Square
Brussels market and chocolates.

13 Jan 2011
Intro to Brugge (Bruges), Belgium
Brugge streets and architecture clash.

13 Jan 2011
When you get bored of Brugge
...and you will. Brugge, a bit too small.

13 Jan 2011
Traveling to Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, my favorite city in Europe.

13 Jan 2011
Brussels Means Beer
The joy of Brussels - Leffe Beer

25 Dec 2010
An Intro to Amsterdam
Travel through beautiful streets and canals for a great adventure in Amsterdam.

16 Dec 2010
Amsterdam Museums
Art and historical museums galore.

16 Dec 2010
Amsterdam Shopping
So many shops, too little time!

16 Dec 2010
Amsterdam - A City of Canals
Beautiful in any weather.