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Amanda spends her autumns eating banana muffins, her winters eating pecan pie, her springs eating lemon cupcakes, and her summers eating egg custard snowballs with marshmallow. When she’s not eating, she can be found baking, writing about baking, thinking about baking, or drinking inordinate amounts of coffee. She also blogs at
17 Nov 2011
I Want to Be a Cake Lady!
This engaging book celebrates the tradition of the cake lady with profiles of true Southern belles and recipes for the cakes they're known for.

15 Nov 2011
Pumpkin Muffins
Perfect for the pseudo pumpkin lover!

26 Oct 2011
Taro Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
WASPs and Asians alike will enjoy these taro root cupcakes.

15 Aug 2011
Never Mind the Muffin Top: Ham & Cheese Muffins
There's a little calorie leeway for the most important meal of the day, especially when Ham & Cheese Muffins are involved.

01 Jul 2011
Spicy Sweet Guacamole and Salty Pita Chips
Jalapenos keep this guacamole spicy while orange bell peppers make it sweet. Don't forget the pita chips!

29 Jun 2011
Abbey Burger Bistro
Hidden down an alley, this bistro offers build-a-burgers with toppings like avocado, white truffle oil, or alfalfa sprouts and meat options like bison, wild boar, or ostrich.

01 Jun 2011
Orange Sizzler Cupcakes
Some baking techniques may escape me, but at least I can make a bangin summertime cake.

01 May 2011
Conscious Baking - Citrus Bites
The hardest part of writing a baking blog? Trying not to make your readers fat.

01 Apr 2011
Baking to Cope
Nothing makes a heart feel better than a warm baked good, especially the decadent pecan pie muffin.

28 Mar 2011
Tea on the Tiber
It’s a quick trip to England for patrons of this Victorian tearoom in the heart of historic Ellicott City.

01 Mar 2011
Healthy Baking Gone Awry
Last night, I tried to make healthy cookies. Let’s just say, I won’t be posting the recipe here.

28 Feb 2011
True Vine Record Shop
This record shop in Hampden could be easily missed due to its speakeasy-like exterior, but inconspicuous or not, this little shop has a big reputation.

21 Feb 2011
Golden West Cafe
Real hipster homecooking at this kitschy, Tex-Mex-esque Hampden institution.

19 Feb 2011
Nutella Hazelnut Toffee Cookies
Make grandmas love you more than their own grandchildren with these Nutella Hazelnut Toffee cookies.

29 Jan 2011
Atomic Books
Located off The Avenue in Hampden, Atomic Books has everything for the word nerd or comic geek hidden deep down inside.

29 Jan 2011
Taylor's Antique Mall
Any antique shopper's dreamworld, Taylor's boasts four floors of unique items, bringing together over 60 dealers to make this antique metropolis possible.

29 Jan 2011
Owned by Cafe Hon, the restaurant in Hampden that specializes in Baltimore ambience, this flamboyant shop is located right across the street from the giant papier mache pink flamingo that adorns the restaurant's fire escape.

29 Jan 2011
Doubledutch Boutique
Perfect for that indie girl in your life, Doubledutch Boutique has a wide selection of new, but could easily pass for vintage, dresses, cardigans and skirts, as well as handmade jewelry by local artisans.

29 Jan 2011
Charm City Yoga
Offering classes for as little as $6, Charm City Yoga is not only a yoga studio, but a yoga community.

29 Jan 2011
The 8x10
If you like your live music up close and personal, it doesn't get much more intimate than the 8x10.