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Lou Altamura is a dirtologist in western Maryland, where he grows fruits and vegetables for his family, friends, and most of all ... for fun! He is the author of the blog "dirtology: a journal of a man and his dirt."
01 Feb 2011
potato practice progress
Proof that you can grow a potato plant indoors!

19 Jan 2011
indoor potato practice
Here's my attempt at growing potatoes indoors using a repurposed kitty litter container.

28 Dec 2010
Waste Management
Build a DIY pet waste composter.

05 Dec 2010
Waste Management
Building a DIY pet waste composter.

16 Nov 2010
Heirloom garlic planting
Back in September, I planted 110 cloves of heirloom garlic. Whoah.

16 Nov 2010
welcome to dirtology!
dirtology: a journal of a man and his dirt