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14 Sep 2012
Guest On My Shirt: a staff member branches out.
A new post by a staff member that typically does more drinking than writing at Beer On My Shirt - about the non-stop party that is "the book deal" including some brews by Oskar Blues Brewery and Avery Brewing Company

13 Sep 2012
The Rolling Rock Relapse, The Book Deal, and El Dorado
A new post about our book deal and a review of Flying Dog Brewery's El Dorado. Also, updated the site with a page for our Staff's bios - finally the people making this all work behind the scenes start to get their due. And thanks for everyone's support - couldn't have done it with out you.

04 Aug 2012
My absence, my explanations, and bargain beers
If you've been wondering "Why hasn't Beer On My Shirt" been writing - then you have issues - but I try and address that and other similar inquiries. Also, delicious craft beers at bargain prices are discussed!

13 Jun 2012
The Book Tour is On!!!
Don't miss out on the Homesweet Homegrown Book Tour

06 Jun 2012
Why Keg?

17 Apr 2012
The Grafton Pub and Grill
Celebrate St. Patrick's all year long at The Grafton Pub and Grill.

18 Mar 2012
Sixpoint Craft Ales / That time I went to Birreria...
A company trip to NYC a while back, with a stop at the Italian Beer Garden - Birreria, and the discovery of Sixpoint Craft Ales. Delicious! And a borderline unhealthy obsession with Matt Damon emerges...

04 Mar 2012
Hoptimum, Hopslam, and Nugget Nectar (and by the way - we’re hiring)
Some real hop gems - Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum, Bell's Brewery Hopslam, and Tröegs Brewing Company's Nugget Nectar - are discussed. And by the way, the Beer on my Shirt offices have been expanded and WE ARE HIRING!

04 Mar 2012
Vintage theater
The history behind Chicago's Davis theater.

05 Feb 2012
Valentine’s Day with a local twist
Buy your Valentine's Day gifts at local and independent shops.

03 Feb 2012
The Companion Plant
Beneficial organisms and hydroponic expertise dished out by Evan Danges.

29 Jan 2012
Top 50 (Part 2): Pliny the Elder, more about Pony, and a failed pirate metaphor.
Pliny the Elder, considered by many to be one of the best beers in the world, is discussed, along with my pal Pony's failures as a man, and my failed attempt at comparing our day of drinking to the life of a pirate in a world of opposites.

28 Jan 2012
Part 8: Bottling
Did you know that home brewing is good for the environment?

16 Jan 2012
Le P'tit Muscadet
A great little duck in with a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of an old ramshackle country inn.

15 Jan 2012
The Week of Flossing, Pony P gets suspended, and some more winter seasonals.
A message from the CEO, some thoughts on New Year's traditions, and some wintery craft beer selections are discussed.

26 Dec 2011
Top 50 (Part 1): Andre and Pony P get weird.
I found a list, or lists, of the top 50 beers. I've had some and I try to tell you about them but my friends get weird and I get sidetracked.

18 Dec 2011
The King of Stuff Holiday Reviews
The boxes started pouring in. It was actually overwhelming. This was part of my new job...

11 Dec 2011
Glen Onoko Falls Trail
Stunning waterfall trail near Jim Thorpe, PA

08 Dec 2011
My walk, my women, and some holiday beers
A few holiday beers are discussed along with references to a mundane personal life. Oh, and some math.

04 Dec 2011
Celebrate the holidays with an outdoor European market

04 Dec 2011
National Novel Writing Month
Celebrate National Novel Writing Month in Chicago.

04 Dec 2011
Baltimore Farmer's Market
This is the largest farmers' market in Baltimore, Located under highway 83 near the intersection of East Saratoga and North Gay streets.

17 Nov 2011
I Want to Be a Cake Lady!
This engaging book celebrates the tradition of the cake lady with profiles of true Southern belles and recipes for the cakes they're known for.

06 Nov 2011
Destination Riviera Maya
Frank McMahon eats his way through paradise on a food, wine, and tequila trip in Riviera Maya. Plus...Oscar Orbe Quiroz shows us how to make sangrita!

06 Nov 2011
Oscar Orbe Quiroz makes Sangrita
Oscar Orbe Quiroz makes Sangrita

05 Nov 2011
It's a Process
It's not funny but it's part of a process.

26 Oct 2011
Music Box Massacre
Twenty-four hour horror film festival

16 Oct 2011
Blind Willow Book Shop
Quality used, rare and antique books

15 Oct 2011
McKinley Falls durring the drought.
My home, Austin, Tx, has seen one of the worst summers on record due to the drought and wild fires.

03 Oct 2011
Mousetrap Tavern
Mousetrap Tavern is the favorite dive for shooting pool among neighborhood locals in North Portland.

01 Oct 2011
Living Room Theaters
In Portland, you can get the comfort of your couch, the style of a swanky bar, and the best new indie movies at Living Room Theater.

26 Sep 2011
The Independent Space
An indie cooperative with art, music, food, and more!

24 Sep 2011
You'll like to read all about the PA Heritage Fescht!
A tribute to PA German culture at the Heritage Fest!

23 Sep 2011
Posies Bakery and Cafe
The large glass doors of Posies Bakery and Cafe stay open in the summer to invite a warm breeze and strolling customers into the shop in newly developed North Portland.