Posies Bakery and Cafe 8208 N Denver Ave Portland OR 97217 (map it!) http://www.posiescafe.com/wp/ 503.289.1319
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The large glass doors of Posies Bakery and Cafe stay open in the summer to invite a warm breeze and strolling customers into the shop in newly developed North Portland. Inside the spacious cafe, there is plenty of seating at eclectic tables or on overstuffed sofas. Posies serves up sweet scones, big breakfast bagels, and tempting sandwiches like the Parisian (turkey, brie, mint, pear, orange marmalade), with a wide variety of vegetarian and gluten free options to indulge in while writing, relaxing, or catching up with an old friend.

Posted by Jessica Drake
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Posies Bakery and Cafe