Cliffty Falls State Park 2221 Clifty Drive Madison IN 47250 (map it!) (812) 273-8885
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Cliffty Falls State Park, Indiana lays claim to four largely known waterfalls and at least 18 smaller falls in a far South Eastern corner of the state.  The falls are powered by Cliffty Creek, which runs through the park, but in drought runs very shallow, taking away from the impressiveness of the falls.  So, the best times to visit are just after a good rain, or when the snow has melted in the winter months.  

Nearly all waterfalls can be hiked to, and even in some cases over to get nearly all perspectives of the falls.  This makes for some very good photo opportunities.   Make sure to pack that camera along!  

The park also has a couple decent picnic areas, but the nearest town is a bit of a jog.  So, make sure to bring some food.  It's a great place for a romantic little picnic.


There is a fee for entrance of $5 Indiana vehicle and $7 for out of state plates, and this will also get you a map of the park and trail heads.

Posted by Carrie Evans
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