Baltimore Farmer's Market 212 North Holliday Street Baltimore MD 21201 (map it!)
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I call this the big farmers' market, there are a few in Baltimore but none this big and with such a variety of goods. The market runs every Sunday from April to the last Sunday before Christmas and on a busy Sunday an estimated 8000 people make their way through the market.

You can find just about any fresh vegetable here and there are also vendors selling just about any type or protein! There are seafood, poultry, beef and buffalo vendors at the market any given Sunday. You can also find many different types of prepared foods from falafel to turkey burgers, coffees to baked goods, fresh wood fired pizzas and the famous cajun breakfast sandwich. Every weekend many different crafters sell their wares at the market too. You can get a custom made wooden pen built to order, some new earrings, some antique furniture, vintage photos of the city, there's handmade furniture, custom clothes and just too many great things to list.

This market is an absolute must if you're in Baltimore on a Sunday! You're bound to see many great things and you'll have your choice of fresh produce from a number of local farms.

If you are a vendor this market is a very good deal, you don't have to commit to the entire season, you can just set up for one Sunday or a few days during the season and the rate for this year was only $25 a day. There are more restrictions if you're selling prepared food so be sure to look it up if that's your business!

Posted by Christopher Eugster
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