Living Room Theaters 341 SWE 10th Ave Portland OR 97205 (map it!) 971.222.2010
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With movie theater prices threatening to cost more than a week's rent for stale popcorn and a lousy summer blockbuster, it's almost like, why leave the comfort of your own house and Netflix account?  Well, in Portland, you can get the comfort of your couch, the style of a swanky bar, and the best new indie movies at Living Room Theater.  It's the only all-digital theater in the country, which gives local and international independent filmmakers a chance to show their work on the big screen without the big bucks, and in an environmentally friendly way.  The lobby has a full bar and menu, so you can indulge and relax Euro cafe style before your show.  You can enjoy your food and drinks inside the theater--forget nachos and soda, at the Living Room it's panini, tapas, wine, and ginger mojos all the way.  

Posted by Jessica Drake
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